Nature Writing @ Reality Bites

Inga will be teaching a nature writing workshop as part of the Reality Bites Writers Festival at Cooroy Library on Friday morning, 24 October. Reality Bites is a wonderful non-fiction festival (though touches of fiction are creeping in, showing how blurry that line can be), which this year will be held in Eumundi as well as Cooroy.

The workshop is designed for fiction and nonfiction writers with a passion for the natural world, as well as professional writers in environmental fields. You’ll focus on techniques for bringing landscapes, flora and fauna to life for your audience, including: evocative description, effective use of emotion, and the importance of story.

The workshop combines instruction, writing examples from the world’s best nature writers, and a range of writing exercises to help you hone your craft and learn more about the inspiring genre of nature writing.

You can book your place in the workshop here.

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