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Little fish

I have never read a book that has articulated better exactly what riding a bicycle down Northbourne Avenue in the heart of winter feels like: of anybody, you all here tonight should appreciate how rarely Canberran experiences are reflected in the Australian literary imagination. We got one! This book accurately describes the public service as part of an interesting queer feminist plot. And among all that flotsam, Where the Trees Were sustains a universal story: one of realising things as we grow up into teenagers, and carrying those realisations into adult responsibilities. Continue reading

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Nature Writing @ Reality Bites

Inga will be teaching a nature writing workshop as part of the Reality Bites Writers Festival at Cooroy Library on Friday morning, 24 October. Reality Bites is a wonderful non-fiction festival (though touches of fiction are creeping in, showing how blurry … Continue reading

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SWF: 19-20 May

I’m participating in a few panels and teaching a workshop at the  2014 Sydney Writers Festival from 19-25 May. I’m also excited about seeing Melissa Lucashenko interview Alice Walker (Yes, Alice Walker!); Sarah Blasko & Josh Pike performing; and Emma Donoghue’s closing address. … Continue reading

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Woo-hoo: Powerful Owl

 When we first set up Olvar Wood, we kept hearing a deep mournful call carrying from far off in the early evenings, like a child speaking into a piece of poly pipe down near the large dams on the citrus grove below … Continue reading

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Gilbert White’s A Natural History of Selbourne

Gilbert White believed that those who study “only one district are much more likely to advance natural knowledge than those that grasp at more than they can possibly be acquainted with: every kingdom, every province, should have its own monographer.”
Continue reading

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It’s finally happening. An annual literary prize for Australian women’s fiction: The Stella Prize. Do we really need another literary prize, you might well ask? The answer should be no, but it isn’t. While there are plenty of fine books … Continue reading

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Hippmenes caught the bear-suckled huntress, Atalanta, in a footrace and marriage by throwing her three quinces to slow her down Continue reading

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The Mary Smokes Boys by Patrick Holland

“It doesnt matter anyhow. I own you. All things belong to the people who love them most.” Continue reading

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