early blossom

While much of Australia is waking up to frosts, we already have our first blossom, as if to remind us that the warm weather is not too far away. It is a tropical peach, on a (sub) tropical schedule that will see it’s fruit rippen in late November, before the rains begin. Last year, its first three fruit (oversized on the still tiny tree) disappeared into the belly of a possom while still green; this year we will take precautions. The peach tree originated in China, where it is regarded as the tree of life. Blossom this bright, so far out from spring is life indeed.

It has been cold here, too, sending us into beanines and jackets, although friends from down south scoff at overnight lows of six degrees. I have acclimatised since my Canberran winter years, it seems. And the cottage is built for keeping cool in summer, rather than warm in winter. We have been embracing rolled oats and stewed quince, baking puddings, and enjoying some wonderful red wines by the open fire.

They days are wonderful and clear though, still reaching twenty degrees. Its great walking weather; our most recent adventure was one of the Glasshouse Mts walks, a circuit around Mt Tibrogargen. The air is so clear, without the haze of the more humid months, making for great views and photographs. The bush is blooming, too, with eucalyps at the peak of the flower power about now, and ‘candle’ banksias lighting up the open woodlands.

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