In the Wake of the Raftsmen

A short story of mine, In the Wake of the Raftsmen’, appears in the current volume of the Review of Australian Fiction. I’m featured alongside Mary-Rose MacColl, which is a huge honour. You can click on the link at the bottom of the page for a preview but here’s how it begins …

They lashed the logs together with the vines they had cut from the forest. Laney and Gill held them steady in the shallow water, while she and Dean wound the lengths around, securing each one to the next until nine logs formed a raft. Dean had brought rope, not trusting the traditional methods, but he didn’t take it from his pack. Together, the logs were strong.

It was how the raftsmen had first cleared the forests, dragging and sliding all those cedars and bunyas to the river’s edge and lashing them together to float them to the sawmill.

Book available at Tomely

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