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Inga Simpson

Moon Clouds

'The Thinning blurs the lines between animal, human and adaptation, and provides a gripping glimpse of our possible future through a fascinating astrological lens. An emotional tribute to the natural world. Moving. Urgent. Beautifully written'

KAREN VIGGERS, author of The Orchardist's Daughter

'Opened the cover; lost the rest of the day. Incandescent, righteously angry, superbly constructed. I am grateful for the reading experience, and grateful that the book was written and published'

MICHAEL WINKLER, Miles Franklin Award-shortlisted author of Grimmish

Inga Simpson is an Australian novelist and nature writer.


Her sixth novel, The Thinning, will be released

30 October 2024


A powerful literary page-turner about two

young people in a race against time to reach a monumental solar eclipse.

'​We haven't always lived like this . . .'

Fin grew up by an observatory, learning about telescopes and planets, inspired by the passions of her mother and father, then leaders in their fields of astrophotography and astronomy. Those days are long over. Now Fin, her mother, Dianella, and a band of outliers live deep off the grid, always on amber alert and always ready to run.

In the outside world, extinctions and a loss of diversity threaten environmental stability. With a new disaster looming, Fin finds herself thrust into an unlikely partnership with a stranger who has appeared in camp. Terry is one of a new breed of evolved humans, the Incompletes, who are widely distrusted. But the pair will need to work together during a dangerous journey if they are to play their part in a plan to help restore the natural world - and humankind.

​'This is a book I wanted to race through and savour in equal measures. Simpson is a writer of astonishing insight into the ways humans simultaneously destroy and revere the environment, and The Thinning is an urgent, exceptional novel. Her best yet'

ELEANOR LIMPRECHT, author of The Coast

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'What a wonderful book. What a read. A love story to cricket, to families, to craft and to music. Beautifully written' MICHAEL BRISSENDEN

'Not since Jasper Jones have I been so utterly spellbound by the next ball, the state of the pitch and the intricacies of scoring' KATE MILDENHALL

'Heartfelt . . . Uplifting . . . Simpson explores family, priorities, the pain of making difficult choices and the knowledge that it's never too late to start over. This is an uplifting book that will satisfy both cricket lovers and readers who enjoy loving stories about beginning again' BOOKS+PUBLISHING



'Willowman may well be the perfect Australian novel' ~ Readings

'A fabulous novel. Inga Simpson brings all her craft and sensitivity to a story that has never been told, and now that she has done it, it feels like this was a story that was needing to be told. With her art, Inga joins the likes of Meg Lanning, Ellyse Perry and Alyssa Healy in the vanguard of cricket's exciting new revolution. Long may it last' MALCOLM KNOX

'Joyous storytelling at its best. I was enthralled' SARAH WINMAN, author of Still Life.

'I bloody loved this - a gorgeous, heartbreaking examination of so much more than cricket' ROBBIE ARNOTT, author of Limberlost.


'Beguiling and entertaining' PETER LALOR.




From the critically acclaimed author of Mr Wigg comes an enthralling literary novel about a batmaker and a gifted young cricketer. For fans of Chad Harbach's The Art of Fielding and Joseph O'Neill's Netherland.

Cricket has a willow heart. Batmakers around the world have tried everything, crafting bats from birch, maple, ash, even poplars . . . After two hundred years, cricket bat making is still beholden to a single species: Salix alba caerulea - or white willow

Reader Cricket Bats, one of the last traditional batmakers back in England, has a contemporary home in the Antipodes, with Allan Reader keeping the family business alive in a small workshop in Melbourne.

When Todd Harrow, a gifted young batter, catches Allan's eye, a spark is lit and Allan decides to make him a Reader bat, selecting the best piece of willow he's harvested in years.

As Harrow charts a meteoric rise to the highest echelons of the sport, leaving his equally talented sister's dreams in his wake, Allan's magical bat takes centre stage, awakening something in him. But can Allan's fledgling renaissance - hanging as it does on the magic of that bat - carry on after Harrow is stricken by injury and a strained personal life?


Willowman is a love letter to the art and beauty of cricket, and a meditation on craft. It shows what it takes to succeed at the highest level - and asks what makes a meaningful life?

Award-winning author Inga Simpson writes exquisitely about a national sport you will never view the same way again.

‘At times I read Willowman breathlessly, in its celebration of the highs and lows of cricket, the drama and daydream, the hope and despair, the catches and misses and final balls. Other times it was a balm for the nervous system, a reflection on the art of sport, the thrill of paying attention, the aliveness of the natural world. Moving, gripping, authentic, so tenderly-told; at once a page-turner and a life-giving meditation – Willowman is just magic’ Brooke Davis

Curvy Tree Road


For all interviews, festival, speaking, and media enquiries, please contact:

Alexa Roberts - Publicist, Hachette Australia 


For all rights enquiries, please contact:

Sarah Brooks, Rights and Publishing Manager, Hachette Australia


Readers wishing to contact Inga:

PO Box 557, Moruya, NSW 2537.

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